Hi! My name's Antoine

And I like to make

Self described as a Stuffmaker, I want to design a world of engaging stories to be experienced with any media, like games or cinema, and use the medium’s unique mechanics and abilities to create a cohesive universe around lovable characters and amaze players/users/spectators/people by creating unnamed types of entertainement (which I like to call «stuff»).

Eager to learn and curious by nature, I’m able to juggle between tools and constraint to help and improve any project by using my various skills, but also using creative thinking to overcome difficulties and obstacles.



Rain Fall

An ordinary adventure

Tell me Why

Narrative Game

Le Quaranstream

Pandemic Stream

Getting Long

A doggy puzzle game



Au revoir

360° Video

The Day I met LAIA

Audio-Only Adventure Game


Porfolio and Blog


2D Culinary Shooter

Comité des reprises

Fête de la musique

Le Cosy Lab


Remake of the Dead

Movie Remake